Row-G focuses on forming meaningful relationships with our clients. A lifelong interaction, which starts by welcoming our clients as our guests into our home. Our relationship with you is an ongoing journey during which we become an integral part of your wardrobe. We become your curators, keeping meticulous records of your physique, posture, tastes and preferences.

First consultation

The initial consultation begins with a one on one discussion with Rahim about garment style and personalised details, after which precise measurements are taken. Appointments include informative conversations about cloth from the world's finest mills, linings and other details which can be as in-depth or as simple as you like.

First Fitting

The first appointment is the basting fitting where your garment is only half made and loosely stitched so that we can assess drape and hang. The fit, balance and proportion of the garment will be amended whilst on the client, and final design decisions will be made based on your personal tastes.

The forward baste Fitting

The third appointment is called the ‘Forward Baste’ where the garment, now almost fully complete and closer to what you expect to see, allows for final alterations and adjustments like button placement and sleeve length.

Final Fitting

At this final appointment, the garment is complete and ready to be tried on and taken away. Should additional tweaks be required, they can be adjusted and perfected within a few days, and the garment will then be ready for collection.

After Care

Many hours of work and years of skill have gone into producing your Row-G garments. To ensure you get the fullest possible wear and enjoyment from them, Row-G offers a life-long refreshing service. On request, every season our master tailors will dutifully reshape your garments and check for any loose seams, threads and buttons which may have resulted due to time and wear. We also aerate your garments with sophisticated machines, thereby refreshing the fibres.
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