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The Row-G Personal Tailoring service offers discerning clients discreet distinction in every detail. Row-G offers several house styles, discernible by strong shoulders, defined, waisted silhouettes, razor-sharp cuts, clean lines and impeccable form. From dinner jackets to blazers, accessories such as handmade 7-fold ties to Swiss cotton boxers, and bespoke shoes, our team of craftsmen is able to meet any sartorial brief. Ensuring that your suit, coat, shirt and footwear is perfectly suited to you.
Jackets & Coats

Jackets & Coats

The Row-G Jacket and the subsequent styles gleaned from it, took over 120 iterations to perfect before it found its final form. The jacket, consisting of more than 80 hand-cut, hand-shaped and hand-sewn pieces, comes together in 100 stages. The intricate skeleton is then cloaked with an outwardly discreet, discerning and dignified drape.

Arresting aesthetics, no matter your body type or posture, are made possible by the intricate skeletal structures of each piece which takes up the majority of the total 80 hours required to produce a single jacket. The canvas and shoulder pads are shaped, linings are felled, and the vents and edges are pick-stitched throughout, all by experienced, expert hands. Nine different threads are used on one jacket alone, each having different properties and strengths best suited for the body’s stress points and every jacket has to pass one hundred and forty quality control checks before we’re happy that it’s 100% perfect. We check, we check and then we check again. The result is superior construction and a fit that’s befitting of our standards, and yours.


Row-G offers three types of trousers each tailored to your specific fit. Options include high and low waisted silhouettes with pleats or no pleats as well as tapered or straight leg styles. Our trouser fronts are lined with 100% Cupro, providing a quiet luxurious feel with exceptional ease of movement. Not unlike the Row-G jacket, threads and stitch type are carefully selected to ensure that just the right amount of tension on the seat is obtained and structure on the side seams are created. Discrete features such as the use of custom inverted zipper teeth to mitigate bulk on the trouser front and hidden coin pockets contribute to Row-G's detail-orientated approach.


Row-G shirts are made from rare, handpicked cotton fibres and are available with your choice of twelve different types of cuff and nine styles of collar. Each shirt is individually hand-cut and sewn according to a unique pattern gleaned from your unique measurements and posture. Once your measurements have been captured, the process begins with a toile fitting (a fitting of a shirt made in muslin). We check for balance and make adjustments by marking the shirt while you wear it. The notes taken from this fitting are then applied to your pattern at which stage we begin cutting the cloth/s you chose. Your shirt is finished with a floating collar lining, a split yoke and hand sewn, cross stitched, Australian mother of pearl buttons. The stitch length of 25 stitches per inch on all seams reflects the ultimate in refined craftsmanship and beauty.
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