Personal Tailoring

House style

Our Made to Measure service offers discerning clients personal tailoring, allowing discreet distinction in every detail. Row-G offers several house styles, discernible by strong shoulders, defined, waisted silhouettes, razor-sharp cuts, clean lines and impeccable form.From dinner jackets to blazers, accessories such as handmade 7-fold ties to Swiss cotton boxers, and bespoke shoes, our team of craftsmen is able to meet any sartorial brief. Ensuring that your suit, coat, shirt and footwear is perfectly suited to you.


Appointments are introduced with a one-on-one discussion with Master Tailor Rahim Rawjee about garment style, personalised details and intricacies of character. Cloth from the world’s finest mills are selected and measurements are taken. These bespoke garments are meticulously crafter over eight weeks while two to three fittings throughout the process ensure perfection at the final fitting.

Sophistication and charm are your innate traits that we allow to breathe and express themselves. Imbued with fine craftsmanship, a predilection for contemporary trends and a sensibility for the future, our clothes and relationship with you, are meant to last.

Our 5-Step Process

First consultation

The initial consultation begins with a one- on-one discussion with Rahim Rawjee about garment style and personalised details, after which precise measurements are taken. Appointments include selecting cloth options from an array of the world's finest mills.

First Fitting

This appointment begins with a toille fitting where a cotton garment is tried on. This is the starting point for the final outfit, but made from Calico or Muslin so that it can still be adjusted and perfected. The fit, balance and proportion of the garment will be amended whilst on the client, and final design decisions will be made based on personal preferences.

The forward baste Fitting

The third appointment is the basting fitting where the garment, now made from the chosen cloth, is fitted. This garment is however only half made and loosely hand-stitched, allowing for final alterations and adjusting details like button placement and sleeve length.

Final Fitting

At this final appointment, the garment is complete and ready to be tried on and taken away. Should additional tweaks be required, they can be completed within a few days, and the garment will then be ready for collection or, if so desired, for delivery.

After Care

A visit/date/appointment with Row-G is the start of a lifelong interaction. We become your curators, keeping meticulous records of your wardrobe and caring for your garments long after purchased. Row-G offers a valet and dry-cleaning service, ensuring your clothes’ life-long service. Our ‘Good-look-over’ offering ensures your suits retain their condition over time, our master tailors will dutifully inspect, and mend, loose buttons, split seams, or hems coming undone.