Row-G is proud to make incomparable, uncompromising, personally tailored trans-seasonal luxury garments for men and women and even prouder of the unique culture of craftsmanship that the tailoring house is known for.

Heritage Skill

For over two decades, Row-G’s craftsmen have undergone training in a series of Master Classes facilitated by Rahim and Master Tailors from the United Kingdom. These passed-on skillsets combine traditional Savile Row craftsmanship with sublime Neapolitan techniques, enabling Row-G’s African artisans to produce the enigmatic construction of global quality work from our in-house, Johannesburg tailoring rooms and workshops. Proudly made in South Africa, these impeccable, handcrafted garments uphold the fine traditions upon which the fine art of tailoring was built and on which Row-G was founded.


Every Row-G garment – a suit, a shirt, a dinner jacket, an overcoat or a blazer – is personally crafted according to extreme specifications in order to fulfil any sartorial brief, predilection, taste or desire; a customised cut with precise measurements is imbued with timeless style and brought to life with meticulous handcrafted techniques and leading-edge technology.


No amount of tailoring skill is able to disguise the use of inferior materials. Row-G's close relationship with the world's best millers and wool merchants provides a plethora of cloth options that are woven with the same ethos and craft as the tailored Row-G garment itself. The making of the cloth followed by the tailoring of Row-G is the poetic dance of two disciplines that handle perfection in their very own, unique ways.


Rahim’s inspiration - from far beyond the world of fashion – is driven by exploration, evolution and a relentless dedication to mastering new techniques. This meticulous approach makes every Row-G appointment truly special, be it at the discreet Johannesburg-based VIP studio, or a one- on-one, personalised engagement that can be arranged anywhere in the world.
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