Jackets & Coats

Jacket No. 1

The Row-G Jacket No. 1 took over 120 iterations to perfect before it found its final form. The jacket, consisting of more than 80 hand-cut, hand-shaped and hand-sewn pieces, comes together in 100 stages. The intricate skeleton is then cloaked with an outwardly discreet, discerning and dignified drape.

Years of research and decades of experience have detailed that each jacket requires nine types of thread. Arresting aesthetics, no matter your body type or posture, are made possible by the cutting-edge intricate skeletal structures of each piece. The canvas and shoulder pads are shaped, linings are felled, and the vent and front edge are prick-stitched throughout, all by experienced, expert hands. 9 different threads are used on each jacket, each focused on allowing the body’s freedom of movement  while ensuring and engineered eloquence of posture. Every detail is considered, your individuality is yours alone, let us dress that.
From cashmere to baby alpaca and mohair, your tailored coat is crafted for you and your specifications. Clients can choose between a single or double-breasted classic cut overcoat, with a notch or peak label, and personalised from our range of sartorial options and fine fabrics.

Our Jackets

The Double Breasted Peak Lapel
The Single Breasted 2 Button Notch
The Single Breasted 3 Button Roll to 2
The Dinner Jacket

Our Details

Inlays – inlays to allow adjustment to the main body seams
Linings – felled by hand
Vent and Front Edge – hand prick-stitched throughout
Breast pocket – slanting breast pocket with hand stitched border
Top Collar – hand draw-stitched onto the facing
Front button holes – hand stitched and left lapel button hole with sewn flower loop
Cuffs – featuring opening slit and hand stitched button holes
Armhole – lining eased and hand felled
Front pockets – hand top-stitching on pocket and gorge
Sleeves – set in by hand
Shoulder pads and canvas – hand cut and shaped
Jacket foreparts – fully hand canvassed