Trunk Shows

The trunk show dates back several hundred years; travelling salesmen would venture from town to town with steam trunks filled with the latest fashion wares and textile innovations.
Row-G is proud to continue the tradition of bringing the most exclusive, cosmopolitan wares directly to you. Our premium offerings, from materials plucked from the highlands of scotland to the ancient routes of the Silk Road, to the best shoe-makers, cutters and tailors of the souther hemisphere, connect with our clients in a bespoke experience not unlike that of our Personal Salon. We understand the complex and busy lives of our discerning clients; our trunk shows make the Row-G experience accessible across the world.
Our Master Cutter will take up to 50 measurements of your measurements and posture, ensuring your silhouette, drape and cut are perfectly suited to you. Hundreds of materials are available for you to experience and your trunk show visit is the start of your bespoke journey. Your measurements and discerned taste are then transported to our atelier in Johannesburg to be followed by another 2 to 3 fittings at your convenience, whether at another trunk show, at out Personal Salon or in the intimacy of your home or office. 
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